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Dr. Rick Lindal

The basic premise I take in my therapeutic approach is that everyone’s lifetime on Earth has a purpose, and that the challenges we face during our life-time provide us with opportunities to learn and to evolve.  The challenges that people find most difficult will usually involve relationships with other people.  A person will usually come into therapy because of a recent episode that has highlighted their difficulty in relating to someone close to them, or to people in general.  The underlying reasons for the difficulties are usually understood from the perspective of a past traumatic experience, or a series of traumatic or disturbing incidences.  Over time, these past experiences have caused people to question themselves and to challenge their basic beliefs about life, leaving them with feelings of doubt, low self-worth, and uncertainty in their relationships with other people.  When these feelings persist for long periods of time, a person may become anxious and depressed and feel that their life has become meaningless.

My approach to therapy is a synthesis of numerous schools of thought.  These approaches can be seen in terms of ‘Outer-Mind’ therapies and ‘Inner-Mind’ therapies.  Outer-Mind therapies focus on the ‘conscious’ or ‘waking’ mind, whereas Inner-Mind therapies focus on the ‘unconscious’, and the ‘higher self’.  In therapy, I will usually guide the client to explore ‘outer-mind’ therapy approaches at the outset, with a central emphasis on Soul-Anchored Therapy.  As therapy progresses, and especially in instances where resolution of the presenting problem persists unabated, I will shift the emphasis in the direction toward ‘inner-mind’ therapy approaches, provided that the client is comfortable with exploring their problems in this manner.

Individual Psychotherapy